Wednesday, March 25, 2009

tips on safe deal atm and internet

I believe that along with advances in technology and the more easily deal via ATM or internet banking, friends blogwalker start forgo long queuing at the bank. However, this has also become a new field for those who use the slit in prankish system security and teledornya our customers in the deal, to meraup benefits that are not small. Accident yesterday read in Koran Tempo have interesting tips about the secret deal in the secure ATM and Internet. May have read it is, but what I just reminded again if presented with the style and language Rumah Islami:) Safe secret deal on the ATM: 1. Ensure that conditions in sekliling in safe condition. There are no things that are suspicious even though queuing. 2. Bertransaksilah alone. Ask a friend or relative you just wait outside. Moreover, that does not know ya ... usirlah be fine:) 3. When typing a PIN (Personal Identification Number), try to close with the hands and hinder the body. 4. If you want to transfer, re-read the account number, name and amount of money to be transferred. Do not hurry because the queue is long. This is your right lho! 5. If the payment transaction, make sure the data entered is correct. Read and repeatedly press the button Cancel if not sure, then repeat! 6. Save for the structural safety. 7. Do not panic when the card is consumed or not in accordance with the transaction expected. Phone Call Center, or to go the nearest bank branch office and report it. 8. Pastkan you make an ATM in a secure location. Better if there satpamnya ya:) Safe secret deal on the Internet: 1. Hide a user ID and PIN internet banking. 2. Create a user ID and PIN that is unique and not easy to guess, but it must be easy to remember ya. 3. This is important: do internet banking PIN change periodically. Do not forget to note in the secret place. 4. Make sure the website address where you make is correct. Remember the case of BCA plesetan website kan:) 5. Make sure you have already Logout before leaving the computer. 6. This is important: the decline service automatically save user ID and PIN at the time the browser automatically offers storage. More secure if we do re-typing. 7. Do not use the user ID or PIN or other personal information on the website that is clear. 8. Biasakan delete browser cache and history of each completed deal. 9. Continue to update your antivirus program. 10. Perform routine checks your account balance. I still have:) 11. Report it to the bank concerned, or contact us via telephone or the Call Center when a problem occurs or there are things that suspicious. Especially for internet banking, if it can avoid the transaction at the cafe to do so. Many programs that can save the history of the button you press for surfing on the internet. We often neglect to check the condition of the computer in the cafe and gas directly tancap only.

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