Friday, May 29, 2009

33 Finalists Miss Indonesia is the prink

Ajang Miss India talent search was held back. As many as 33 beautiful women from all over the country selected to represent the area following the event Miss Indonesia 2009. Miss Indonesia that figure be desired and used as a parameter in the assessment of Miss Indonesia 2009 Elections should have several advantages, both from the personality, intelektualitas, and beauty...[...] Therefore, to become her Miss Indonesia, to 33 finalists must meet the criteria "SHE BE" (Beauty, Healthy Smart, Eastern Value) which is the soul of Sariayu and refers to the total natural beauty: Beautiful Natural Seutuhnya. This selection aims to improve the positive role of young girls who can become role models, and as an ambassador of the nation in various forums nationally and even internationally. This event also provides an opportunity for the winner to be sent to the international event like Miss World. Before realizing the dream to-33 finals to be Miss India, they do a long series of activities held organizers. Martha Tilaar Sariayu team participated in the Miss India finalists supply in 2009 with a variety of knowledge about cosmetology. Quarantine in the event, one of the team pembekalan given Sariayu Martha Tilaar is "beauty workshop." This activity aims to provide the finalists in order to set themselves more skilled at a particular situation, in which they are required to appear beautiful without the help of a make up artist. Not only have pembekalan set the right face, the Miss India 2009 finalist is also an opportunity to visit Martha Tilaar Group factory in the Industrial Area Pulogadung, North Jakarta. There they are given the opportunity to see around and direct the production process Martha Tilaar cosmetics and get a fun experience meracik lipstick color suit each. In the event attended Martha Tilaar, chairwoman and founder of Martha Tilaar Group. Mother of four children was to give a little advice to the finalists of the Miss Indonesia 2009. "If you want to change your fate, then you must start from the self. Percaya themselves and develop creativity that you have. There are some things that should be to achieve success, that is discipline. Both in terms of time and other things. Jujur as a major capital , a strong faith, and diligent. Because of the maximum can not be obtained in the IM. ulet You must strive. If you want beautiful outside in, then you have to give a good example for the round, "augment him. Not only make up a face stock, the material in this pembekalan the finalists also have to study and treat the hair up in order to appear beautiful hair from the hair to the face. To find out exactly how to treat the hair, the finalists get a team learning from Rudy Hadisuwarno Cosmetic. Ajang Miss Indonesia 2009 election feels more special with the three additional categories for the winners, including Miss Tersehat Skin Healthy Body and Miss Martha's Sariayu Tilaar, Hair and Miss You Rudy offering Hadisuwarno Cosmetics. To note, the event grandfinal Miss India 2009 event held on 5 June 2009 Cendrawasih Room, Jakarta Convention Center, Senayan, Jakarta. (NSA) (oz)

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