Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Android phone slide in June

JAKARTA - based intelligent android Ponsel akan appears immediately enter the market to Indonesia, the rumor circulating that android will go around the end of June. And the first vendor menjajal akan android in the first ground water is, HTC...[...] "We will provide a different experience in surfing the Internet, through intelligent mobile phone with android," agus tukas Sugiharto manager countr PT High Tech Computer HTC mendistributsikan Indonesia, after the launch of HTC diamond 2, at the JW Marriot Hotel, on Tuesday (19/5/2009) . However, when disinggung about certainty when the first android that will be launched, with diplomatis agus refused to give kepastiannya. A clear, android akan berkonsep bundling the service with one of the leading ground water. He also said that HTC android akan djual with 6-7 million price range. (srn) (oz)

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