Saturday, May 30, 2009

BMW Install Double Decker Diffuser in Turkey

HINWIL - BMW Sauber will introduce a new device in the Turkish Grand Prix, next weekend: double decker diffuser. Hope they only one: the device is able to take them on the best results this season. BMW Motorsport boss Mario Theissen admitted, his team did not expect this season with the bad. They then try to come out of this complicated situation...[...] "It seems we get a pickup value. However, we also would not therefore be reproached," said Theissen as dilansir autosport, Sabtu (29/5/2009). "After a middling results in Spain, we even lost power in Monaco," sesalnya. "And we need the speed of development to significantly restore the competitiveness that had vanished it. Jungfernstieg keys, there we will introduce multiple diffuser for the first time," specifically. "This slowdown us after three years, and I am confident we can overcome," he said.] (oz)

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