Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colin Edwards frustration

BORMES LES MIMOSAS - Tech 3 Yamaha Rider Colin Edwards frustration. Cause, he fails to reach podium in the French MotoGP. Failure in France, not just a normal failure. For, in the place of execution is the Le Mans circuit enclosure Tech 3 Yamaha. The failure to reach podium in the headquarters itself more ganda Edwards disenchantment...[...] "I am very disappointed because we really remove the opportunity for large menapak podium. In the first part of the race while wearing wet tires, I failed to make the motor," suspire Edwards. "I lost a lot of places in the back and I do not feel comfortable. Motor only taste in the back and I do not have a weight in front, so I can not do much in the curve," he added. American Rider origin adding that: "Only able to finish the race in seventh position to make very frustrated when I see the note at the track in the dry." "On the last day I ride with a good motor in the second half of the race. But the first part is not so good and it records the time punish me," tutupnya in autosport, Selasa (19/5/2009). (tan) (oz)

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