Friday, May 29, 2009

Hard Disk WD Cavier Green 2 TB, not simply for Capacity

Can not be denied again when the need for large capacity for the computer is very urgent. Especially at this time, the files that require the more modern 'space' that is not small. For that is the Western Digital (WD) said that with the hard drive (HD) up to 2 terabyte. Of course this makes the WD as the first vendor in the industry to bring the HD 2 TB. With the name of WD Cavier Green 2TB, this product does not solely rely solely on the large capacity only. Evidence, although the room was very spacious, ..[...] WD Carviar Green still able to perform the trimming electric power consumption up to 40 percent. Reasonable to claim that if WD Cavier Green is able to save the use of electricity to 40 percent. This is seen from the absorption of electrical power, which is only 7 watts full time work, and when the idle or silent, WD ask only 5 watts only. New platform also carried with 3.5 inch size, which is based on the 500 Gigabyte per platter technology. This includes a room with a density reaching 400GB/in2, with cahce 32 Megabytes. That makes the HD is able to accommodate a variety of files with a very large amount. Although previous HD with 500GB or 1TB course, users can enjoy the flood file. WD does not necessarily indiscriminate placing WD Caviar Green is four times bigger, The WD is also equipped with four pattcher. (srn) (oz)

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