Friday, May 29, 2009

Israel killed Hamas leader

JERUSALEM - Israeli troops killed a leading Palestinian Islamic resistance organization, Hamas, in the West Bank, Thursday. Israel cited the military as CNN, Friday (29/5/2009), says Abed Al Majid Dideen ditembak Israeli troops die in a joint military operation and the police...[...] Israel accuse Dodeen involved in a series of action in the bombardment of Jerusalem and Grace Gan. Bomb attack on a bus in Jerusalem killed four and six people died in the Grace Gan. Israeli troops besiege Dodeen home in a settlement in Deir El Assal a Throne, southern city of Hebron on Thursday morning. In the attack that Israel troops also captured an assistant named Dodeen A Fatah Ahmad Hassin. Israel search Dodeen since 1995. He was identified as a Hamas military wing leader for the Hebron area. Dodeen never dipenjara by Palestinian security authorities in 1995 in Jericho. However, freed in 2000 when the action Intifadah (resistance to Israel) a second serving. (tons) (oz)

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