Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Review Film: Janda Kembang, Inspiration elegancy Monica Belucci

 ARRIVAL is suddenly a beautiful long-haired and white citizens to make upset compatriot. Eyes like a magnet that makes all men tersihir. He is Sulasih (Luna Maya )...[...] Do not know from where Asih jungle, the only known population is Asih brother Iwet (Edric Tjandra), one of the village of Pulo pillow. Asih speculate as to come to the village with only bring clothes that sehelai inherent in the body. Lucky Asih met Dodi (Agus Ringgo), pentolan group Dodirama Band, while in the gawenan a hajatan marriage. Dodi at the time very need to replace Dangdut singer Yuli (Sarah Sechan), who is also the vocalist Dodirama wife Dodi own. Dodi Asih drawn to ascend the stage to give the vote. In fact men are not upset because of his voice, but the elegance which make Asih-ser seran. Since bergabungnya Asih, Dodirama receive many job offers for party campaigns. Asih dream turns out to be able to survive as a singer, far from the fire rooms. Opposition would come from Yuli. She feels her husband has now changed direction to love Asih. Each day, hours, minutes until the cease of Pulo Asih pillows always make the chat as a warm, especially men. Instead, it is the women are very concerned with the presence in the village Asih can disrupt the integrity of their household. Each Asih simply the way in the environment of the village, men, adult men and ABG always curious. There is just enough to pay attention only to the narrow, even a follow up to Asih to go anywhere. ABG are the two go puber Fadli (Esa Sigit) and Radja (Rifat Sungkar) was attracted to the heart can get a Asih. Whatever they do to be able to enjoy the beauty of body and face Asih. Berimajinasi from the start, to peek in between the roof for the grave to satisfy appetite can see how beautiful the body Asih. Asih attitude but still without the slightest want dialogue with the people around, make a pillow of Pulo beropini alone is far from reality. Moreover, Yuli already furious with Asih provoke create scenarios with the mothers with Asih accuse a prostitute and have a knowledge pelet can make the husband turn. Finally Asih not receive the wall of terror is cruel to happen burning house. Hanung Bramantyo words, before the film Janda Kembang, inspiration came after watching the film Malena is dibintangi Monica Belucci. Reasonable if many similarities from the role of Luna Maya no dialogue, only body language and facial mimic the diumbar to communicate. Acts son ABG, which is always a story of romance berimajinasi with Asih Asih and feel that a life alone because the husband is not clear where. Climax and the story of film Malena Asih equally attacked by the mothers of burned fire jealous and make impure because terror and Malena Asih digilai by the husband. If you ever watch the film Malena with the settings when Italy led by Mussolini fascist Benetto war ally on the war against the world II, serasa not have a special on the film in sutradarai by Lakonde this. For some parts of the story easy to guess. Including her husband at the time of the diperankan Asih Adjie Massaid will return ignites with Asih. Anti-climax this film, audiences will be taken in contemplation of the objective is not clear because pascapembakaran house where Asih Asih unconscious in the home, not be told who help Asih. No one person is punished as a threat of terror and murder against Asih. Pulo village as a pillow is another country that does not have the law and repression is permisif in the village. Very contrast with the condition that Indonesia can not play the judge himself. With the paradigm of the Indonesian people who are smart at this time, should the producer can control the film far from irrational retroactive effect. This film may be a reflection of the film category for the most poorly Hanung Bramantyo involved in making a film. Compare with Malena mengusung serious drama. Monica Belucci there can also explore the ability akting with spices sex elegancy providing each trap body. Janda Kembang wrapped comedy. Fair entertaining. Ringgo Agus Rahman, Sarah Sechan, Ramzy and successful leaders portray each character with a typical Sundanese people who have a comical vein. Monica Belucci indeed have a similarity with Luna Maya. Equally white, beautiful and have a magnetic aura that can make a lot of men dream they could assist. Both roles are equally mengumbar not words, can only show expression sad, annoyed, angry, disappointed, and pedihnya dikhianati. Yes, such as paintings, not usahlah debated. Just enjoy it beauty. Players: Luna Maya Ringgo Agus Rahman Sarah Sechan Esa Sigit Rifat Sungkar Joe P Project Ramzy VJ Marissa Nasution Edric Candra Director: Lakonde Producer: Chand Parwez Servia Co Producers: Hanung Bramantyo Production: PT Kharisma Starvision Plus. (ang) (oz) (oz)

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