Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Support Full Ferrari Schumi

MARANELLO - Legend live F1, Michael Schumacher is a figure who was loyal to his team. How not, Schumi give full support to Ferrari who is now in trouble with the Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)...[...] The problem now experienced Ferarri is not separated from the reluctance The Prancing Horse expenditure budget cut next season. As is known, or FIA International Motorsport Federation some time ago issued regulations on limiting the budget to all the F1 teams. However, Ferrari has a budget cost is far more established than the other team, refused to follow the FIA new rules will take effect immediately on the upcoming 2010 competition. Fastness even Ferrari threatens F1 exit akan desires if not dituruti FIA. Up to now, the case between Ferrari contra FIA still continues in the trial. The this case, together with Ferrari Schumi who had become a successful brand F1 world champion five times beruntun that, to express support Skuad Horses jump up and down. Schumi is never imagine, the competition without the participation of Ferrari F1. "I really agree and fully support my team. Ferrari is one of the most important aspects of the event in Formula One (F1). For, if without the presence of Ferrari, this competition is not competition racing ubahnya two classes," said Schumi dilansir as F1 Live, Tuesday ( 19/5/2009). "This problem must be completed, in which there is agreement that the possibility can make a Ferrari still survive. I never imagine, without a place scrolling F1 Ferrari participation," the man who is now closed served as the Ferrari team advisor. (fmh) (oz)

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