Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Xavi confident Barca grave United

Barcelona - Barcelona full-Xavi Hernandez believes his team will claim to be able merengkuh treble winner, this season. Although not easy to realize, but Xavi believes Blaugrana will able to vanquish Manchester United, the team will be the seterunya in the Champions League Final Olimpico Stadium in Rome, Thursday (28/5/2009) early days WIT...[...] The peak of the most elite competition in continental Europe this season (2008/2009), the final dikatakn be ideal. The two finalists have the same capital, and strong team skuad complete. This season, Barca have successfully holding two trofi; Copa Del Rey and La Liga. While the capital has rivalnya more classy, United has been successfully snatch the title in three seasons this; Inter Club World Cup, Carling Cup and Premier League crown last. In addition to a line of impressive achievements of the above, both teams also have two players who berandil very big success in their respective teams. El Barca have Lionel Messi loop, a wonderful kid to this far sit still top ranking list topskor Champions League with a collection of 8 goals. The citadel in the Red Devils, Cristiano Ronaldo became clear the main loop. 2008 world's best players will be trying to take United back to the best in Europe and snatch the title of the world's best, to compete with strict Messi. Classy note with both teams, a number of reasonable if the rate is the final duel of the ideal candidate would serve the game tight and full of drama. Noslen own fight even mention this as the most important rivalry in the entire career Los Aazulgrana. "The motivation for the climb we fight this. For me, this is the most important duel in the entire career. We are in a condition of physical and mental performance. We are very confident are able to reach maximum results," said Xavi general middle of the field as Barca cited Goal, Selasa (26/5/2009). Despite his team can claim to believe and conquer the United appear as kampiun, but Xavi jumawa not want and still respect the lawannya. "An honor for us face-to-face with the champion can stand. We are very honored United with a line of achievements they have torehkan. However, we will try to reduce them from tahtanya, because, we are also a great team," close the half Timnas Spain pede. (oz)

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