Friday, June 19, 2009

1983 Corolla DX, still in search search

JAKARTA - What have dibenak when you see her Toyota Corolla DX is painted white? Body mulusnya very reasonable if used for relaxing walks in the evening hours. But do not question the strength of engine problems...[...] "Age" Corolla DX is already tens of years, because the cars produced in 1983. But a matter of energy, enjoy this classic car through nearly 250 hp! Yes, a set of kitchen spur 4AG20 Turbo Intercooler is installed in the DX is. Not only that, the header, and the gear box also be addressed. The result, energy car also jumped dramatically. "We rombak total of all engines," said Jesus, from a trusted Kazero Tuning merestorasi car. Let the car remains stable menapak asphalt, the foot-feet be addressed consecutively. Pondok Indah residents are averse name was called Jesus, and trust his team tear down the system default Suspensi Corolla DX with a set of adjustable shock and coil over berlebel TRD. Now the car is ready dipacu rival cars latest output. Do not worry driving stability akan subject, is provided for the rim 15-inch RS Watanabe. With the rim, the tire attached to the solid asphalt. Number of 250 hp be able to, it's not futile efforts of the pocket to grope grope Rp100 million more in order to build this car. "The taste is different, there is a show like kasik have a happy demon, fluke he like the second," said Jesus, on the car. (tons)

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