Monday, June 8, 2009

Berlusconi Stay Hold Kaka

MILAN - There are currently no certainty about the fate full AC Milan Ricardo Kaka. Kubu Rossonerri initially have merelakan players andalannya departure to Real Madrid is now even play direction. It is the home club supremo San Siro that, Silvio Berlusconi, who gives a statement. He confessed not willing to see if Kaka away from the city of Milan...[...] Nevertheless, Berlusconi remain aware that all decisions not only depend on himself a. Therefore, the man who also served as Italian prime minister is only able pasrah. "As I said before, if all this only depends on me, then I will defend tooth and nail Kaka," exclaim him as disitat Il Corriere Dello Sport, on Monday (8/6/2009). There are things that implied that Berlusconi's speech. Yes, dear any attempt ward niatan Milan Madrid memboyong Brazil is the origin, it seems akan sia-sia saja. It was strengthened with beredarnya rumor that Berlusconi has been talking to a personal request and Kaka would survive. However, the players reject unripe because insufficient tergiur with the beauty and grandeur Los Meregues. Discussion between the two stronghold ongoing at this time and seems to have been approaching the final stage. Kaka also have their own say to check with the health team doctor who deliberately diterbangkan Madrid to Brazil. (msy) Source: Here

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