Monday, June 8, 2009

Charly fatigue, Concert Schedule Due to the dense

Because fans want to meet his desires, ST12 vocalist, Charlie van Houten, ignoring the pain menderitanya. As a result, carries over 12 consecutive songs in a music program broadcast a glass screen directly, Charlie collapse. Charlie who is still running sempoyang self menyempatkan find the hunter in the news studio Penta, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Saturday (6-6). "In fact I need to rest long," said Charlie weak...[...] On the other hand, the desire is as if Charlie does not find a meeting point. The ST12 is the concert schedule and a solid contract that has been diteken Charlie make friends with both, Pepep and Pepeng, failed to get a full opportunity to rest. "ST12 schedule and has been working with some of the sponsors have also signed, I want enggak must keep running," said Charlie. Charlie did not turn information Pepep, the drumer ST12, that he was suffering from insomnia and can sleep at six o'clock. "Yes indeed I'm suffering from insomnia, I always make utmost every song like sleep. If you do not turn up the guitar and make songs, they have less," Charlie deception. Charlie is also often lazy to eat, that was even vomiting blood due to chronic erwinvb suffered. "Recently, I just like that, I am also surprised. I was difficult to break, hard to eat, because the mag has continued lambungnya chronic wounds," said Charlie gentle. To the front, with conditions such as experienced by both Charlie and Pepep and Pepeng, Charlie hopes the management team can set the schedule a bit loose. "Maybe we have time (ST12 with the management team) to negotiate a set schedule really leaving time for us to rest," answered Charlie. According Pepep, not the first time Puspa troubadour songs that appear in a less fit. "It is three times her kayak gini, like diinfus if he already ngedrop, even at the Lampung last manggung, Charlie was vomiting blood," said Pepep. Recognized Pepep and Charlie Pepeng if conditions like this due to the concert schedule padatnya and ST12 Charlie hours sleep which is very minimal due to insomnia. In addition, although both have diperingatkan friends to relax, Charlie still only be naughty. "Charlie is among the stubborn, we do have ngigetin bored, he is especially difficult to sleep," said Pepep. "If the new hours sleep aja 6 am," he added. Senada with Pepep, Pepeng also added, "if we tegur he always says I sound kok, Elu quiet aja," Pepeng supplement. "But he is deceased nurutnya same faith (former personnel ST12-red)," tekannya. In addition to the wakeful, ST12 schedule a very solid lately, even a third of the present flow of the new Malay pop feel full day of rest only once. Saking not want to make the penggemarnya disappointed, once the time Charlie diinfus requested a moment ago to return to the stage again singing. "He fit in Balikpapan show, in the middle of the concert Charlie must get oxygen, even diinfus also, hold nyanyi again," said Pepep. "The voice that I salut enggak Fals. The burden of her taste, if I have a drumer can gantiin, but if there enggak vocalist," kenangnya. Pepeng therefore concerned with the condition that is experienced vokalisnya, "health is consequently expensive. Useless if no money can not enjoy them," Pepeng firm.(STSetia/febri) Source: Here

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