Sunday, June 21, 2009

Develop Without Ponsel Nokia Charger

Jakarta - Nokia is developing a technology that will smash the phone. A mobile phone is no longer needed because the battery charger can be fully themselves...[...] Nokia Research Center in Cambridge, UK have developed a prototype mobile phone that utilizes radio waves or radiation elektromagnetis as resources. Radio waves are emanated by the device, such as WiFi transmitter antenna or other telecommunications. Later, the company is hoping Finnish origin, its production can fill the mobile phone is charged only on the independent source of energy in the air. Such as dilansir PcMag, Friday (12/6/2009). Technology in the mobile phone can convert wave elektromagnetis into electrical signals to provide power on the phone. The Nokia Research sure, only take 3 to 5 more years before the technology is perfect and can be marketed to the public. Indeed, at this time, Nokia mobile phone prototype has yet to reach the target of 50 miliwatts power to the rechargeable a minimum requirement. While this new prototype Nokia is able to collect 3-5 miliwatt electricity. However, Nokia is optimistic the target can be achieved.

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