Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Differences in BIS and SSX for Blackberry

Your BlackBerry users? Never heard the term Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) and Blackberry Enterprise Services (SSX)? On this week we will discuss about the differences, advantages and lack of service...[...] BIS or BlackBerry Internet Service is a service that is generally used by individual or small / medium office. This service is to support push email for business or personal. 1. Email can push if the mail server is supported by technology POP 3 or IMAP. Email received on handheld (Push Email) appear to take as much with 30 seconds to a maximum of 20 minutes. 2. Ability to add in the handheld email account to 10 BIS 3. Users do webclient activation of either from a PC or BlackBerry handheld 4. There is no minimum subscription The lack of service is the BIS, 1. Syncronize email, calendar, task and contact is done manually via Desktop Manager. 2. If a user is a corporate employee of the application can not access the internal (application inventory, reimbursement, etc) 3. Add contact is done manually either an email address or phone number. 4. If the user forgot password handheldnya, all data on the handheld (contact, email, sms, applications, etc) will be lost. 5. Depends Rim server or mail server you use (yahoo, google, etc) SSX or BlackBerry Enterprise Server is ideal to use up to medium companies, a national scale or multi national. This service is very full making it easier for power users to do the activity as well as in the PC. 1. SSX customers automatically become customers Indosat Indosat also BIS. 2. At this time can only be enjoyed by companies that already have existing domain (@ or or etc). 3. Support for Microsoft Exchange mail server, Lotus Domino and Novell Excess service SSX 1. Real-time push email, calendar, contact and task 2. Able to push email with up to 12 accounts, including corporate email account and the master (SSX Indosat customers automatically become customers also BIS). 3. SSX user can enter an application to internal / intranet via BlackBerry 4. Be able to look up the address to which all employees are registered in the company, depending on the available data SSX Administrator (Name, email address, tel, phone, work location, position, etc) 5. Can perform enterprise activation via wireless devices anywhere (including the time abroad) 6. SSX administrator can do IT Policy, password reset handheld, Handheld Kill, etc. 7. By not depending on other servers (SSX Using your own server). (/ / srn)

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