Monday, June 1, 2009

Film Queen Bee, Capres Child Anxiety

Lifestyle Queenita Siregar (Tika Putri) total change when his father, Rachmat Siregar (Mathias Muchu, s) a candidate elected president of the Republic of Indonesia. Foster harmonious relationship with the father terenggut by noisy political scene. Rachmat into her self-absorbed man who, more important to kekuasaaan seized from political opponents. Attitude is brought up to the house. Queen so that the interests of victims when his father has the power to be...[...] Queen is still the age of 17 years is of course saying you want to get the experience and the youth who want to diraihnya in the environment where Queen live. With his father's attitude that is too late to make political issues with the Queen because apolitis annoyed with things smelly politics. Queen not the girls as we know the children of officials in Indonesia, particularly the mengeksklusifkan themselves against their environment. Queen is the type guy who looked all men are basically the same, no pengkotak-kotakan, and the most important freedom is for him. In addition, the Queen also figures that young people be creative and technology due to the virtual world penguasaannya including the current tune that is now Facebook. Bagamat have intellect, Queen still considered a young child who does not understand anything in the political affairs by the father. Often the inputs given by his father always dimentahkan. When a team does not give up a successful Rachmat capable young people embrace. Thus the Queen have the answer. Queen on networking site Facebook, menggaet communities of young people with very easily. The way it works to get Rachmat high appreciation from the young people. On the other hand, does not like Queen ulah security from excessive Paspampres (Oka Antara) diterjunkan specifically to protect themselves, a result, all men so reluctant to approach Queen. There is one moment, present a handsome man named Braga (Reza Rahadian) that the NGOs Melati Putih that help victims of natural disasters was successfully melt hearts Queen. Including Rachmat to convince themselves that the Queen can feel comfortable when you are in the side. When people are put to the expectations at the high Rachmat, suddenly destroyed in a day when the Queen misuse the trust her father to give the money as much as Rp100 million to the school are given to Braga. Intention Queen, the money could be more useful if given to disaster victims than to stage events at art school. Cash only, friends Queen Queen disappointed with the attitude and in this case blow-up large-scale in almost all the media with accusations of child Queen presidential candidates have committed corruption. Rachmat was great anger and accuse Queen has defraud Rp100 million. But the Queen does not give up just so. Secretly to the Queen Melati Putih NGO office to find out who actually Braga. Action by the Queen Braga that civilian and ingenious fraudster. Queen also disekap and taken to a local shipyard deserted for 'safekeeping'. Rachmat And if the presidential candidate willing to take unpopular decisions to give up political ambition in order to save my daughter tunggalnya? Whether political career can be saved with the fall due to the support of the people who made money scandals Queen? Film director Morning Nugros landing, one of the students from the famous film director Hanung Bramantyo. Story of the film adapted from the short story, entitled Queen Bee is not the director himself. Queen Bee with the present momentum to take a very important agenda in this country, the presidential election which was held later on July 8. Queen has been described by the author as pencitraan young people of today who does not want to know the political problems. Life who want to always appear modis, more fun to spend time with friends gaulnya. However, behind the Queen of young people who have great talents for the betterment of the nation of Indonesia. Besides entertaining, Queen Bee is suitable watch young children who have a new franchise this year. For, the film director and producer who delivered the message is quite slick and can be spelled out in this solicitation campaign full of young people involved to determine the fate of Indonesia because the future is in the hands of youth. As in the film, when the string is the first film, Morning confess gain full trust from Hanung Bramantyo of Supervisors to sit as a Director. While a teacher, Hanung not necessarily menggurui job of making each film Queen Bee. Players: Tika Putri Oka Antara Reza Rahadian Mathias Muchus Jajang C. Noer Director: Morning Nugros Author: Ginatri S. Noer Film Type: Drama Production: Pictures million in 2009. (ang) (oz)

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