Friday, June 5, 2009

Game Pc : Free Download Games Bet On Soldier Blood Of Sahara
RELOADED are a StarForce smashing steam roller today. This is their 4th release of the day and their third which kracks the StarForce copy protection scheme. Blood of Sahara is an expansion for the original bet on Soldier so this game is needed to play. This looks like a decent game from the screenies so it might be worth the download. Enjoy. Did i mention good job RELOADED? Max Balding is a WRF soldier. His first steps in League 3 allows him to quickly win fame and become a feared BoS champion. His evolution is pretty fast, and he recognizes in different interviews idolizing the ultimate champion, Nolan Daneworth. He travels around the world, winning one victory after another, and when he arrives in League 1, he has to fight in North Africa, where, on the WRF’s behalf, he is sent to attack the oil resources owned by the UAN. It’s at the end of this campaign that he gets in touch with the Syndicate. Features: * 5 levels in north African environments. * 2 multi-player maps adapted from those levels. * 1 new multi-player mode: the Team Death match (WRF vs UAN) * 1 new weapon and its upgrade: the Intensive Care rocket launcher and its auto homing. * 1 Exo-skeleton in desert camouflage. * 1 new UAN skin in desert camouflage. * 1 new WRF skin in desert camouflage. * 8 new champions including 2 scenaristic champions: Ivanov Drogn and Tatikios Lente. * 2 intro and extro cinematic movies telling the story of Max Balding. System Requirements: * Windows 2000 / XP with DirectX 9.0 * 2 GHz Pentium / AMD * 512MB RAM * 4GB HDD Space * GeForce 3 or equivalent
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