Friday, June 5, 2009

Game Pc : Free Download Games Axis and Allies Axis and Allies

Developer(s) TimeGate Studios Publisher(s) Atari Platform(s) Microsoft Windows Release date(s) November 2, 2004 Genre(s) Real-time strategy Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer Rating(s) ESRB: Teen (T) Media Compact Disc System requirements Windows 98/SE/Me/2000/XP operating system, Pentium III 1.5 GHz processor, 256 MB RAM, 1.4 GB free hard disk space, 64 MB compliant SVGA with Hardware T&L video card, DirectX version 9.0c or higher, Axis & Allies allows the player to assume the role of a military general of one of the five superpowers of World War II: the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, and Japan.[2][3] The five nations have military units corresponding to that of their nationality, and each general of the five nations have unique special operations, such as using a carpet bomb or deploying a secret agent...[...] The primary objective of gameplay is to destroy the opposing enemy military forces, although some campaigns and maps will require other objectives to be completed first, such as capturing certain cities or defending a specific area, in order to achieve victory. Axis & Allies also has a "City Control" percentage toggle option that can be enabled, in which the winner of the battle goes to the first side/team to capture a set percentage of cities on the map. Gameplay supports up to eight players in a single battle in both singleplayer and multiplayer. Play Allies campaign according to history or change history by playing Axis campaign.

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