Sunday, June 21, 2009

Google Search Will Increase With Flash

San Francico: happy news for internet users. Google back to indulge you with the ability to update pencarinya engine. Now, Google has been adding capacity pencarinya engines to find the file in Adobe Flash format. Even though the file is very popular on the internet, but the difficulties for search engine tracking...[...] Now the search engine Google can collect the files external Flash content, such as text, HTML, XML, and Flash content itself. "Innovation is new to improve the quality of the search by providing relevant content in termuat external sources," said Google software engineers, Janis Stipins , Friday (19 / 6). This announcement is the latest on Google's business for many years to improve the index Flash files. Specifically this is also forward the announcement in June last year, where Google has developed a new algorithm to index the textual content in Flash files. Flash development index in the Google, Yahoo and other search engine is useful not only for the search engines and their users, but also for the webmaster and designer. Because they fought for this so that Flash can be ter-and easily searchable index. (AND / PC World)

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