Monday, June 8, 2009

Indosat Mobile Portal New Show

JAKARTA - There is a new view of the mobile portal Indosat, look more attractive and friendly for users in accessing various features of the service through mobile phone. Indosat mobile portal is now more rich content. Among social service network that includes chat and blogging service and menu favorites include content-content that is most accessible to customers...[...] Changes in this view can be enjoyed Indosat customers began May 26 ago 2009. In addition, to facilitate more subscribers, Indosat also change the address of the mobile portalnya become "We are aware mobile portal Indosat is one of the media is important for customers to access various services in the content of Indosat," said Sulistyo Suharso W, Group Head Marketing Value Added Service Indosat. "With the integration of all these features into the online mobile portal, customers will be expected to more easily take advantage of a variety of interesting content that are available. We also hope it will be able to increase mobile data traffic services Indosat," said Suharso through authorized information to okezone, Monday (8/6/2009). With this new look, all the mobile content that is provided Indosat is grouped according to their services, making it easier for customers in search. (srn) Source: Here

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