Monday, June 1, 2009

Internet Rates Down 200 Percent This Year On

JAKARTA - Minister of Communication and Information (Menkominfo), M Noah, said, the decline in tariffs to encourage the internet, not just for the sake of achieving 100 percent but 200 percent in this year. "We will be down (internet rates) is not 100 percent but 200 percent," said M. Said in Jakarta on Thursday, after the opening ceremony One Day Seminar on Using Indicators of Information and Communication Technology to Promote Economic Growth. However, he stressed that the decline is to be realistic at this time because she very much is dependent on the internet internet service provider (ISP)...[...] ISP offers a fare which is very expensive, but rather have an ISP that offers very cheap rates. "How can so? Because it is not the most affected by two things, namely the investment that is too expensive and a captive market so that small retail tariff increase," he said. Therefore, the government will encourage the market can be large. "Internet is used by one person remains the same as used by 10 people. This is a trade off to look for it," he said. Minister says, will not issue a regulation related internet tariff reduction, but more to the regulations that may encourage rate can go down. "An example is a simple process to facilitate the licensing and testing areas," he said. According to him, information has become a wajid needs met by the state as written in the 1945 Constitution which is the basic rising IT Law and Law KIP. "Cable internet is either a broadband or what is clearly necessary infrastructure that will diberesi," he said. Like in 2007, phone rates, Internet rates in 2009 are expected to be down in the hope that anyone who has the ability to develop the content of available facilities for development. "So the same as the phone is always there is a regulation that is part to show the" by design ". We will also encourage facilities to develop infrastructure, ease, and last we will encourage the more easy it is to get market," said Noah M. ant / ism(oz)

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