Friday, June 5, 2009

Obama Really War between Israel-Palestine Peace

Dresden - Israel-Palestinian issue continues to be brought to President Barack Obama dikunjunginya country, including Germany. Obama is confident the peace process Israel-Palestine this year. "I believe (that perdamain) grown since the beginning, we will see significant growth this year also," Obama said in a press conference with German chancellor Angela Merkel and quoted Reuters, Friday (5/6/2009). Obama also said Palestinian people must be able to handle conflict in the country, even though Israel continues to create problems with the hinder the peace process...[...] Meanwhile, Merkel said that the Israel-Palestinian peace must be turned on again. During the George W Bush, the U.S. became a mediator of Annapolis. In a speech at Cairo University, Egypt, Thursday, Obama will support re-affirm the Palestinian state. The President, who was born of a Muslim father is also condemn Israel's plan that will expand settlements in the West Bank. Settlements that have been harmful to the peace process has been previously dirintis (Road Map of Peace). "It's time to stop the development of settlements," specifically. "Now it's time for Palestinians to focus on with what they will wake up. Palestinian Authority must develop the capacity to form a government that can serve the people," his him. (tons) (oz)

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