Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips And Tricks : 5 How safe guard iPhone 3G

Jakarta - If you have an iPhone 3G and was-smartphone if this was missing, either stolen or because the drop, it's good you heed some simple steps to secure the iPhone is. ..[...] Quoted from Tuaw, Monday (11/5/2009) there are several things you can do to secure the iPhone kesayangan you: 1. It is a good idea asuransikan your iPhone 3G. The iPhone in India including the 'goods more expensive', anticipating this for a larger loss. 2. Install password on the iPhone, to reduce the risk of data theft. 3. Sometimes, the iPhone casing "obese" is more effective from the original form of the "thin", in order to avoid this risk and terselip iPhone fell in between the seat taxi, train or plane. 4. Biasakan backup data on the iPhone, at least 3 times a week, while 'clean' applications that are less important. 5. Few 'narsis' it is important to secure the iPhone. Set yourself a photo Wallpaper iPhone. So that the iPhone when you moved your hands, people will know that the iPhone is your own.

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