Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips And Tricks : Step 4 Notification Banjiri Prevent Facebook

Jakarta - Fever Facebook are the people from all layers and groups. Attendance Facebook can help us to interact with old friends, or simply find new friends. We can also add comments, photos, even in the video Facebok page, which allows other people to mengomentarinya...[...] For the "Jamaah-Facebookiah", features a notification or a notification in email inboxes all related activities on Facebook may be useful, but have also felt that interfere with inbox overflow notification that the e-mail. If you include people who feel offended by this flood notification Facebook, you can try the four simple steps that have been tested try to disable the feature. Following four steps to flood the notification: 1. Facebook Login Your account 2. Select the menu settings / settings on the top right of your Facebook page 3. Select the notification / notifications. 4. Then you can choose any notification that it should enter the e-mail inbox you or you can choose to disable all notifications in order to clean your inbox from the notification.

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