Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tips to Buy Domain

As a continuation of previous article Understanding the domain and hosting, then this article will review a few tips on buying a domain. Glance, buying a domain is a matter that may be considered trivial. Presumption may be only true, but if you are not careful in buying the domain, then it is possible that the problem will become serious in the future, because a domain like a trademark if the name already termasyur something that will be very valuable for the amankan , not until the valuables you can not be kendalikan when it is owned by you...[...] Next kang Rohman if that's important in buying a domain: * Buy Domain At Trusted Places Purchase domain in a trusted place. If you find a website that sells domain, find information on the website, but not easy tergiur with a very cheap price. To search for information, at least you can find information through search engines like google, or ask your friends to your blog. * Clearly, the Customer Service Make sure that you have to buy the domain customer service that is easy to be contacted, if possible find a supportnya up to 24 hours, * Access Control to the Domain Buy Actually this is the point kang Rohman want to emphasize that control access to your domain. Before buying a domain, make sure that you will be able to login to access your domain control, access control because of this is the domain you will choose the settings that are in want. For example, you can change the Name Server is free so that you would like to go in the drive.

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