Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two brothers hijacker 'Dibekuk' Google Street View

Amsterdam - Dutch police succeeded in capturing two twin brothers who are involved with the robbery of action assistance service Google Street View. Police oversees the movement gerik their applications using the map on one of these Google services...[...] Paul Eidanus, spokesperson for the police area Groningen said this is first Street View service is used for the purposes of criminal investigation in the Netherlands. "For us, this event is something very unique. Where is the service for the first time Google Street View can be used to catch the perpetrator," said Eidanus as quoted by the Telegraph, Sunday (21/6/2009). In September set a teenager 14 years on the police report that was robbed by two men. At the time of passing through Groningen, the second hijacker sepedanya halt and hijack the money and as much as 165 euros own mobile phone. Victims and to report back to police with evidence to bring the image on the Google Street View. He believes the image is evidence that can reveal the robbery. As we know, Google deliberately memburamkan images that they face in catching service Street View. Therefore, Eidanus then mengklarifikasi original photo image to see more clearly the face of the second robbery. Google and the police meet the demand. Immediately after the second face of the twin teridentifkasi footpad, the existence of the police to track them until they finally succeeded dibekuk. Since launched back in 2007, Google's Street View service is always reap controversy. Some people do not like this service because they pick on their privacy. There are also worries that the service is misused by terrorist and the hijacker, because they know the situation in a building through the service. But of fact, this event shows that Street View can help the police proves a criminal perpetrator. (srn)

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