Saturday, July 4, 2009

Answer Mode 15 Insan 2009

First career in the field of fashion does not get much attention from the public. Now, not a little of their success to take the international stage. To give appreciation for the human achievement mode, the magazine A + tergelitik an event titled "A + Scarlet Celebrity Fashion Award 2009"...[...] "Ajang to give this award to the human mode, including the so sosialita concern with fashion," said Chief Editor of A +, Izabel Jahya in his speech at the Indochine FX Lifestyle X'enter, Jakarta, Thursday (2/7/2009) the night. Izabel also the senior model in the country explains, this year there are 15 category winners. And to get a decent winner, a line of figures involved are important. They are Bagdja Estuary (supervisor mode), Ninuk Mardiana Pambudy (Kompas Daily Fashion Editor), Ari Tulang (choreographer), QQ Franky (Tata Makeup Expert), Sebastian Gunawan (Clothing Designer), and Izabel Jahja (Chief Editor of A + Magazine). The gala event with the clothing of Biyan Wanaatmadja, Chossy Latu, Edward Hutabarat, and Sebastian Gunawan. "The ninth anniversary this momentum we have made the birth of A + magazine back with a new formula. We want to expand into wing fashion and celebrity magazines," close Izabel. These are the 15 Best Mode Insan 2009 1. Upcoming Designer of The Year: Lenny Agustin 2. Upcoming Model of The Year: Kimmi Jayanti 3. Beauty Stylist of The Year: Peter F Saerang 4. Photographer of the Year: Nicoline Patricia 5. Boutique of the Year: Fashion First Senayan City 6. Label of The Year: (X) S.M.L 7. Shoes and Accessories Designer of the Year: Tasha D 8. Male Model of The Year: Marcio 9. Female Model of The Year: Dominique 10. Celebrity of The Year: Bunga Citra Lestari 11. Trendsetter of the Year: Mesty Ariotedjo 12. International Label of The Year: Louis Vuitton 13. Show of The Year: Eddy Betty 14. Lifetime Achievement: Sjamsidar Isa 15. Designer and Collection of the Year: Edward Hutabarat (tty) Source;

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