Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Download application Blackberry Browser | Gratis download aplikasi Blackberry Browser

When I started using the Bolt Browser during its Initial Beta release it was already fast but had a some poblems that needed to worked out. But then things started to change with the more recent releases. I can now say the Bolt browser is impressive and very fast. Just enter the URL you want to visit and in a matter of seconds you can see it on your screen. The bolt browser has some interesting screen features like split screen, where the top portion is the full view mode and the second half is a zoom mode where you can read the text. I have to admit the Opera browser is still my favorite in terms of usuability and I still love how in aligns the text so you can read everything without side scrolling. But its nice to keep an additional browser in your phone especially since the browser may be one of your most used software. I have to give credit to the people who developed the Bolt browser, its not easy making a browser especially since people are very critical about it, but what they did with the bolt is interesting. People who use a phone browser want it very fast and I think they have achieved that end, making me a happy bolt user. Download Bolt Browser : Bolt Blackberry Opera 4.2 blackberry Opera Mini 4.2 BETA blackberry Opera Mini 4.2 BETA Zoom in The Blackberry browser is getting better, but for most of us still waiting for the Blackberry Bold or the Storm, the new Opera browser is a must have application. You now have different color schemes to choose from, I set mine black to match my dark blackberry curve theme. I notice a considerable increase in loading time, partly due to Opera updating their server reducing the overall loading time for Opera mini users. I really love this browser, its no safari but works just fine in my Blackberry Curve. download Desktop install: Opera Mini 4.2 Beta ------------------------------ Opera Mini 4.1 - ( Latest version with faster browsing and image loading) The Inventor of tab browsing has created a new browser for the Blackberry. This time it comes with all the modern conveniences of a modern browser such as RSS support, photo sharing, and secure connections. Description from Opera Website: Opera Mini allows you access to the full Internet on your BlackBerry device. Users can surf any Web site such as Google, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, and Hotmail on their BlackBerry device just like they would on a normal computer. Instead of requiring the phone to process Web pages, it uses a remote server to pre-process the page before sending it to the device. You can also download Opera for your desktop so you can sync your bookmarks with your Blackberry and your PC. Models: Works on all models with enhance feature for new Blackberry Phones Note: You can use Opera using your Blackberry's Wifi making a really great companion for your blackberry. Opera Mini 4.1 Final Release Download: link Blackberry Shortcuts This application enables you to have shortcuts to your favorite sites on your Blackberry. A great time saving device compared to typing the exact URLs or domain names of your favorite sites which are very difficult to remember. created by: jfisher download: Link

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