Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Free Download Windows 7 ISO Verifier download

The final RTM release of Windows 7 should be released later this month, and blogger and developer Long Zheng has created a small application designed to verify that your download is the real thing. Most of the time Windows 7 Builds are leaked as ISO torrent file meaning you can burn this iso on CD and install it on any computer like Orignal Windows 7 CD. However we can’t rely on such sources since it could be tempered Windows 7 setup and infected with viruses and malware. You must verify file checksum & hashes to know the authenticity of Windows 7 ISO downloaded from un-trusted sources. But most of the users don’t know how to verify checksum for those users here is Windows 7 ISO Verifier created by Long Zheng from istartedsomething. You just need to drop & drag exe onto Windows 7 ISO verifier or double click on it and navigate to the file. Windows 7 ISO Verifier will generate a Hash and compare it with a list of known and trustworthy hashes of ISOs to tell you exactly which build version and architecture it is known to be. Download: Windows 7 ISO Verifier Windows 7 ISO Verifier Windows 7 ISO Verifier

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