Sunday, July 5, 2009

Funeral Jacko and Michael Jackso tickets limited

Life or death, Michael Jackson always be hunted by penggemarnya. Since the establishment of the cemetery entrance ticket registration Jacko in Stapless Center first announced, the reaction penggemarnya membeludak...[...] Only as much 90 minutes after the Jackson family to give the announcement that, already more than 500 million people access the site Of the number of applicants, Jackson family will choose randomly name entitled to attend the funeral of the legendary stars. One name will be lucky to get two tickets free. The number of tickets distributed is 5.500, so that total pelayat of "sweepstakes" is 11 thousand people. Registration itself is closed Friday, at 6 pm. In addition to the venue Stapless Center, Nokia Theater also opened for the death of the stars. 6,500 seats are available where fans can also see the impressions from the television screen. The plan, Jacko will be buried on Tuesday, July 7 to come. According to the Los Angeles police, estimated at 250,000 to 700,000 people will attend the funeral of the King of Pop, far from the capacity of only 17,500 tickets. Meanwhile, the results of investigation of new cases of death Jacko reveals new facts. Los Angeles police find variants sedative Diprivan residence in the stars. Diprivan itself is a drug commonly used tranquilizer in the operating room that could cause someone not aware of. Medicine is also known as Profol. Diprivan is usually diinjeksi intravenously and are rarely recommended for the home. Spokesperson for New York police, Lt. John Romero can not explain further. "This is still in the process of investigation," he said as quoted Associated Press. Then mentioned, several weeks before new Jacko recover from insomnia or difficulty sleeping. Cherilyn Lee, sister says the personal use of Diprivan by the stars for ease stress Jelang return concert in London and various other places. Lee further asserts, prohibits Jacko himself already know because it is not safe drug. "I do all that he understands the danger drugs," said Lee. Jacko already own experience sleep disturbances since 1989. Bad start of the concert that the world around him in long time. "He often bad dream, and very difficult to sleep," said Rob Goldtone, a former interpreter talking. Diprivan, or other "milk of amnesia" has been included in the category of drugs is dangerous. Doctors from the Mayo Clinic revealed that the side effects this drug can attack the heart and cause death. (ang) source:

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