Friday, July 3, 2009

Genius Mouse Newest Release 2

JAKARTA - Genius again issued a series of mouse (mouse) newest. This time the Genius Navigator 905BT (Bluetooth Mouse Flying Scroll) and the Navigator G500 (grade Gaming mouse)...[...] Navigator 905BT is berteknologi Flying Scroll mouse and the bluetooth range of up to 10 meters. This mouse has a high resolution, accuracy, and a high comfort. With the mouse so this can directly connect them instantly through bluetoothnya. With the range of 10 meters and the level of accuracy up to 1600dpi resolution makes this mouse can move quickly and accurately. With the technology can make a flying scroll browsing experience to be very exciting because it can move to eight-way. Quoted information through authorized, on Thursday (1/7/2009) in the sales package also included Symantec Norton 60 day free trial on CD drivernya. Navigator while G500 directed to more gamers, in order to increase the value of the game to shoot, strategy, or the war. Navigator G500 berfiturkan technology 1600dpi and can be changed to 800dpi in accordance with the needs of game playing. G500 button that is designed to use the old, the key to make more durable, strong, and very solid. More technology 20g maximum acceleration and the cursor speed 68 inch per second. You will not be a pause when using the mouse to play this game. Other additional features of this device is a blue LED light so you can still use this peranti even in dark conditions. (srn)

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