Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Google Friend Connect" , How to Install Bar Social Google Friend Connect

accidental have to ask my friend about how to install Google Bar Social Friend Connect (GFC Social Bar). As the picture on the site if it would ataslah been our Social Bar Google Friend Connect (GFC Social Bar) at the top. If at the bottom can be viewed in this blog. Social Bar Google Friend Connect (GFC Social Bar) I think is more effective and more useful if compared Member Gadget Google Friend Connect (GFC Member Gadgets). Following reasons: 1. Does not meet the site's sidebar 2. Fixed position on the page scroll though, so will continue to look 3. Can write about the latest info2 blog 4. Can also function as a guest book 5. Could be the sharing 6. Or can also be a campaign However, somehow I have my kekurangannya. Social Bar install Google Friend Connect (GFC Social Bar) load droop a little more than if we install a Member Gadget Google Friend Connect (GFC Member Gadgets). Or maybe even just a feeling I only: D hehehehehe Memasangnyapun easy way, please follow the steps below: 1. Please open page 2. Sign in with your account 3. Select a site akan been, if not setting up the site, please click set up a new site and follow the langkah2nya. 4. Select Social Bar 5. Select the location (above or below) in the Social Position Bars 6. If you want to comment gadget, check include gadget comment 7. At the Start with this text in the comments area, change the language that you want to show 8. Check marks Allow visitors to post YouTube links, allow the visitor when mengepost Youtube link 9. Check the Allow anonymous posts, if anyone let the comments, does not have to Join or Sign In 10. Click generate code 11. Copy and Paste between ... , if only in the open wordpress header.php and search page. 12. Save Change and see the results. Source :

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