Tuesday, July 7, 2009

im2 more satisfying! | im2 lebih memuaskan!

IM2 Broom now comes with 2 options for you, because 2 is more satisfying. Have immediate IM2 Broom Classic and IM2 Broom Unlimited. Use IM2 Broom Classic to connect with drag and drop out IM2 Broom Unlimited access to the internet sepuasnya. Both will make you more internetan satisfactory. IM2 is because you understand. I'm IM2 .. Broom Classic Fast internet access prepaid based 3.5G technology with speed up to 3.6Mbps. Accessible where aja connection with the demon without dropouts. Card of the cheap and easy ulangnya contents, it is more a problem with the monthly charges! Broom Unlimited Prepaid unlimited internet access via 3.5G network of IM2 with fixed payment each month by using the voucher. You can enjoy access speeds up to 256 Kbps up to 2GB with the volume of usage. Then, after the access speed will be reduced up to 64 Kbps up to the volume that is not limited! Broom Xtra! Now comes the package Broom Unlimited Xtra! Extra quota ... extra content. In addition you can enjoy the option Broom Xtra Classic, also enjoy the satisfaction of a special quota of 2.5 GB for the election Xtra Unlimited. More fun to access the internet without a prepaid limit, anywhere and anytime. I'm IM2 ... Content Re-BROOM BROOM refill any easier. There are many ways to fill it back, can be through: Source: http://www.indosatm2.com/index.php/consumer-solution/internet-services/prepaid/broom

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