Saturday, July 25, 2009

Internet Security System

Tips how to decipher this time how to improve security at berinternet, especially in the management password. We often enter a password for a particular purpose, eg to account for incoming email, to chat and so forth. But you know that the password you enter can easily disadap? Almost all people entering the password via the keyboard (via a keyboard), but you need to know that each letter / character that we can type via keyboard disadap / tracked with a tool called a Keylogger. Keylogger is a technology that allows to record each letter / character is entered through the keyboard. So that we secure password and can not be tracked, there was a quite effective way of using the Virtual Keyboard. Windows already provides the Virtual Keyboard that can be accessed through Start - All Programs - Accessories - Accessibility - On-Screen Keyboard. Akan show an image that looks similar to the keyboard. We may enter the letter / character via the mouse, not from the keyboard. If we want to enter a password, 'highly recommended' using this facility because the program Keylogger will not be able to record the password. This is because we no longer use the keyboard but through the Virtual Keyboard. This is often bermanfa'at if we do sale and purchase transactions via the Internet, make money transfers and so forth. Moreover, if we often write the account number, credit card numbers and so forth, the Virtual Keyboard will help you in maintaining security on the internet. Hopefully useful for you. Admin as I say many thanks for your visit to my website. Goodbye in the next post.

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