Friday, July 10, 2009

Kaspersky 575 Detection of New Variant Koobface

JAKARTA - Kaspersky Lab view Koobface explosion throughout June, in conjunction with the summer holidays and throughout the northern hemisphere. This should diwaspadai computer users. Koobface the evil worm that was first detected by Kaspersky Lab as a Net-Worm.Win32.Koobface and soon became popular after appearing almost a year ago with the target Facebook and MySpace account. Koobface worm spreads through a valid user account profile to their friends. Comments and messages sent by this worm contains a link to a fake website YouTube that invites users to download? Latest version of Flash Player?. Worm is more than just a media player, then download to the victim machine. After the infected user, he will begin to spread a message to their friends. Kooface now target more social networking websites such as Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, Tagged, Netlog and, most recently, Twitter. ? This is a marked increase in criminal activity in the virtual world that involve social networking in the last month proves that the strategy used by evil people to menginfeksi user far more effective when added in the social context of their attack, "said Stefan Tanase, Malware Researchers at Kaspersky Lab, authorized in the description, Friday (10/7/2009). "Therefore, be careful when opening links in incoming messages with a suspicious, even if the sender is a trusted friend on Facebook that you trusted," sarannya. In addition, also, do not let a little personal information possible, including providing home addresses, phone numbers or other personal detail. The main, still update the antivirus software to prevent the latest version of the computer from malware attacks. (srn) Kaspersky 575 Detection of New Variant Koobface

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