Sunday, July 5, 2009

Microsoft Antivirus, Symantec Menace?

BOSTON - Antivirus free from Microsoft analyst predicted the company would threaten the sustainability Existing anti-virus such as Symantec, McAfee and others...[...] "Plan for the Microsoft antivirus menggelontorkan not paying is a very good news for consumers. However, this news apparently was not enough fun for the competitors," said PC industry analyst of Endpoint Technologies Associates Roger Kay, as quoted by Reuters, Friday (19/6/2009 ). This discomfort terlontar apparently from one of the major antivirus companies in the world. Through Symantec's Senior Director Dave Cole, the company said that antivirus and antispyware products Microsoft has owned menyalahartikan meaning the actual security software. "Users need a PC network security super tight, extra firewall protection, pemberantas spam, and other features that can only be obtained through subscription security program," said Cole. However, Microsoft disputed the company will compete directly with Symantec, McAfee or others. Diadakannya one of the goals of free software, the Microsoft spokesman said Theresa Burch, is to give comfort to the user's PC that has not yet had time to buy anti-virus PC-nya. Moreover, Microsoft asserts, it is only used antivirus for the fight against software-virus software which has the potential of endangering your PC. While the full poteksi such as encryption, firewall, data backup, and parental control, will still rely on support from the famed antivirus company. However, analysts from the Enderle Group, Rob Enderle said, consumers do not consider important features are the most important because they are free patterns offered. "If something is good, and offered free of charge, for what we have to buy?" firm Enderle. This well-founded concerns. The Microsoft antivirus products offer the same as that offered by ordinary Symantec, McAfee and Trend Micro with the subscription cost as much USD40 per year. (srn) Source:

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