Friday, July 3, 2009

Review Film : The TARIX JABRIX 2

Genk The TARIX JABRIX have completed high school. They are separated by nearly Testing Log In University Affairs (UMPTN). The worms suggest TARIX JABRIX Hijrah and studying together in Jakarta, and they also agree, minus Dadang who must remain on to help his father, Pak Rohim (Sellen Fernandez) in the workshop SUGEMA the new pindahan ..[...] The initial TARIX JABRIX so menggebu-gebu to enjoy the sensation lecture in Jakarta, the metropolitan city, but the condition of the capital of the bustle, heat, traffic jams and pollution to create the full TARIX JABRIX bĂȘte. Worms through the idea, they sell and buy a motor car. Motor shall be abandoned, and when the worms et al use a car to campus, the confidence they picked up a little. Ciko and Coki also now have kecengan, also a twin (Winda Winda Agustini and Putri Putri Agustina). While the worm yesterday, because yesterday dirudung grief Callista (Carissa Puteri) lectures in London, met and terpincut charm Milinka (Joanna Alexandra) Association new worms, Ciko & Coki drag them to the typical capital case, the abduction. The TARIX JABRIX also face problems from within, Mulder fell to the arena with wild racing competitors, Valent (Ramon Y Tungka) The TARIX JABRIX: cleavage ... INTERNAL ITU abduction external, MAKE THEM The Famous Film Type: Comedy Producers: Chand Parwez Servia Production: Pt. Kharisma Starvision Plus Duration: -- Cast & Crew Players: The Changcuters Joanna Alexandra Judika Ramon Y. Tungka Director: Iqbal Rais Author: Hilman mutation, Benny Ahmad, Sofyan crest

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