Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tips And Trick : Maintain Health Skin Baby

Caring for the skin should be done since a baby. For, while the condition of the skin depends on the treatment of adult since small. One way is to choose merawatnya comfortable clothing, with the material to absorb sweat...[...] Skin is the largest organ on the surface there is in addition to cover almost the entire surface of the body, also has the function of various problems with the difference that can be local or local, and can be a symptom of the disease. "Skin of children and parents as a whole is different. The difference can be seen from selsel skin. In the children, skin cells are still close together," said a doctor at the specialist children's Child Health Sciences Faculty of the University Kedokt eran Indonesia RSUPN Cipto Mangunkusumo, Dr. dr Sekartini Rini Sp . AK. Rini menuturkan, in keeping baby's skin health this must be the smallest of things, because baby skin is very sensitive. Baby skin more easily absorbed substances-substances that stick on the surface of the skin. There is friction with the substance or material from outside akan facilitate the occurrence of skin irritation. "The baby skin contains a high lipid content to facilitate iritan through the skin. Friction occurs between them in the clothes and skin, or can also diaper and the skin," said Rini, who also joined the Association members in Indonesia Doctor Child unit working groups grow Kembang - Social pediatrics. Therefore, go Rini, the selection of children's clothing to be careful. Do not wrong in choosing the baby clothes, because this was also associated with health. "Because the contact clothing or clothing not only on the hands, but also almost all the body, so when the aberration skin health does not wear, can occur in all parts of the body. As in the chest or stomach, especially at the closed and lembap," he explained . Rini said, there are two main factors that need to be in terms of choosing clothes or clothes for our babies and children, that is safe and comfortable. Secure in the sense of not dangerous, views of the fabric material used, the best material is cotton, and due process does not faded coloring the less precise, does not feel itchy or cause a reaction in the skin and should be the use of accessories, clothes do not harm the body . Rini menuturkan, why baby clothes with a different child or with other adults, but because of the thermostat (the temperature of the body) is not working optimally, because the layer of fat that have not been there in the early weeks. We recommend wearing warm clothing during cold weather and thin in hot weather, and adjust with the environment of children. The other factor is the convenience of clothes must have good air circulation, not too tight, based on soft, and can easily absorb sweat. In addition, the model also should be clothing, adjust to the age of your baby or child to use comfortably. "Find a simple model of clothing, with a very safe material to the child and avoid using a lot of clothes with accessories that endanger children," said Rini when attending the session of the certification Oeku-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 to the Junior Velvet Kidsport in Pondok Indah, Jakarta South, last week. "Use the appropriate age child, not to obstruct the movement of children, especially motor rough. According to experts, factors that often cause the baby is crying or fussy suddenly caused inconvenience clothing worn," said Rini. Meanwhile, the Sales & Marketing Manager Junior Velvet Chodijah said, Velvet Junior as one of the baby clothes and children, today issued a product that standardization Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 (read: okotex). "Standardization is a guarantee that the product is very comfortable Velvet fashion for babies and children, and does not cause irritation on the skin," he said during a conference speaker at the ceremony certification Oeku-Tex ® Standard 100 class 1 to the Junior Velvet Jakarta. "Parents should choose clothing that comfortable in choosing baby clothes and children, and also note the material for skin health," said Chodijah. (tty)

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