Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tips And Tricks : How to speed up loading blog

How to speed up loading how blog. In fact there are many ways to speed up loading the blog. This is of course very important because it will be very influential with the number of visits on the blog...[...] Hars We consider this case because it will influence the visitors who come on our blog, just imagine when the loading on the blog that we have is very old, I am sure visitors will be lazy to go back again. Therefore, I will share a loading tips to speed up the blog. How to speed up loading blog: 1. Avoid the use of image or picture is excessive. 2. Do not use the script from the web that is too many, indeed most of the blogger sites in the PPC mejadi publishernya. But I suggest to focus on one site only PPC. 3. The use of widgets such as a burdensome hours, calendar, slide show, shoutmix, recent posts, last comment. Use only the really needed, that blogs can look better, but when loadingnya very very long akan meresahkan visitors. 4. When you use a paid hosting, hosting a quick select, it is not cheap but better fast, efficient and less expensive than the cheap and always error. 5. When you do a banner exchange link with other blogs, place the banner-the banner on a post, not on the main blog page. Well hopefully in the top five tips to help ... just a blogger tips. Source:

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