Monday, August 17, 2009

Shahrukh Khan in the U.S. Immigration

NEW DELHI - India Bollywood Star, Shahrukh Khan, in the United States immigration, at Newark Airport, New Jersey, Saturday (15/8/2009). Khan arrested because his name Muslim. Be as AFP, Khan asked the immigration-related purposes to state that his arrival at the airport. However, he released 2 hours later, after the Indian embassy hands down. "Khan is a Muslim name, and I think the name is common in their list," said the actor 43 years to a television station interviewed from India at Chicago. Khan, who entered his name in the list of 50 most influential people in the world's version of Newsweek magazine, U.S. immigration arrested on Saturday early morning. "I'm waiting for my bag. I think they will be good only when I ask to move to another room. But they do check for the second time," said Khan. Khan menuturkan the immigration has been considered wrong. They were worried that Khan be concerned with the United States because he is a Muslim name clothing. While India is not a lot of the comments related to this case, only the states this incident happened often in the U.S.. (Tonne) (mbs)

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