Monday, August 31, 2009

Sharp released a New Mobile Internet Device

OSAKA - Despite Mobile Internet Device (MID) is not too prevalent in popularity around the world, remains optimistic Sharp launches new MID. MID is a gadget that has the size of the phone as light, but has the ability as powerful as personal computers (PCs) will be released Sharp on 25 September. Legal quoted thus from Japan Today, Monday (31/8/2009). Vendors from Japan's own name with the new MID NettWalker. Gagdet has a screen size is only 5 inches, with a touch-screen technology wrapped through packaging Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), so in addition to high-tech, too classy. Moreover, equipped with a full keyboard. "She buried a full keyboard makes Sharp MID users can surf the Internet, especially video and blogs with very comfortable," said Sharp spokesman. In addition, NetWalker only takes three seconds if it is activated and have a battery that runs for 10 hours. Sharp hopes to sell 100,000 units in the first six months until March 2010. This new product is expected to be sold at 45,000 yen. (tyo)(oz)

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