Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Information Release Intel Core I5 & Core i7 New with Core review I5 & Core i7 New

Intel yesterday formally released the 1156 processor core pins I5 and the Core i7. The new Intel processors with socket 1156, between the different I5 Core Core i7. I5 core features no HT and 64bit, with a limit of 3.2GHz Turbo feature for Corei5 750. While Core i7 HT and features 64-bit computing capability. Both have 8MB of L3. From Techreport reports, I5 disaingin Core capabilities closely by Core 2 Quad. Unless the total power consumption, for the more efficient Core I5. The highest capability remains held by the Core i7. Game test results from Hotware I5 Core Capabilities and Core i7 able mendongrak VGA speed than Core 2 Quad. Tomshardware test results .

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