Tuesday, May 19, 2009

13 Year Bocah That fact is not the father Baby

LONDON - still remember the story of Alfie Patten, 13 year old kid in Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, who have children dikabarkan's girlfriend, Chantelle Stedman, aged 15 years? Alfie is not in fact the baby's father is...[...] The right, a responsibility of adolescents aged 14 years Tyler Barker-called father of the baby who is given the name Maisie. Evident from DNA tests carried out against Tyler. Therefore be the newspaper The Sun in the news of the title "Dad's Not Alfie" or "DNA", on Tuesday (19/5/2009). Alfie cute some time ago with bangganya say to the world that he will treat the baby is female. But how terkejutnya know when he is not the daughter Maisie. DNA test results are disclosed in the High Court of London, on Monday yesterday. After hearing the decision, Tyler also stated kesiapannya treated Maisie who is now aged three months. Acts concerning Alfie, Maisie, and Chantelle terkuak in February. When the father Alfie termuda in the UK. "We want to have the baby, but we worry how people react. I do not know how to become a father," said Alfie is when. "I think is good to have a baby. But I do not know how to give support. My father often gave me 10 Pounds Sterling." Alfie says himself that time is Maisie's father, because that Chantelle is still virgin to him when related entities. Until-until he promised to leave the school immediately to find a job. Alfie Chantelle parents and even committed akan help raise their children Maisie. But the story of the flow is changed, while Tyler claimed himself with at least five other kid has been sleeping with Chantelle. Tyler often claim to be the responsibility of the girl's house, sleeping in the ranjangnya with Chantelle sepengetahuan mother. Five other male kid in Eastbourne also claim to never sleep with Chantelle. But Alfie reject claims they trust. One even when he asserts, "My father is!". "I was the only father and Chantelle have been with us for two years. I'm sure the baby's father." Soon after Tyler claims and other kid mencuat, local officials take over. DNA tests are carried out on kid-bocak man is. Hence, the Tyler is the actual father. (Jri)(oz) <!-- Begin: http://adsensecamp.com/ --> <script src="http://adsensecamp.com/show/?id=%2F%2FI60aRvE1s%3D&cid=TlffQoaJN%2F0%3D&chan=4G79cAgToTw%3D&type=12&title=0000FF&text=000000&background=FFFFFF&border=FFFFFF&url=FFFFFF" type="text/javascript"> </script> <!-- End: http://adsensecamp.com/ -->

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