Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Men Pecahkan Main Piano World record 27 Hours

PARIS - A Canadian musician born in Gonzales, with world record-breaking play piano for 27 hours, three minutes and 44 seconds. Telegraph.co.uk be, Tuesday (19/5/2009), men 37 years of record-breaking musicians who previously held India, Prasanna Gudi. Gudi play for 26 hours and 12 minutes in December last year...[...] Gonzales aksinya start on Sunday (17 / 5) in the middle of the night a little small in Montmatre, Paris, France. During the 27 minutes more, Gonzales played 300 songs to start summertime Gerswin song Hit Me Baby One More Time by the dipopulerkan Britney Spears, Ode to Joy (Beethoven), and Eye of the Tiger is the soundtrack of the film Rocky III. Gonzales given the opportunity to rest for 15 minutes every three hours and 30-second pause between songs. During the concert, the man born in Canada who now lives in Paris was not menggganti wear jeans and still use the dibalut shirt with ribbed piama black and white. (tons) (oz)

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