Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 missile Korut Tembakkan More

Seoul - North Korea this week try to test two more short-distance missile. The launch was conducted in the midst of international criticism over nuclear testing, on Monday yesterday. South Korean government source as quoted South Korea Yonhap news agency said, Korut fire with a surface to air missile and a missile to the target surface ships. The launch is done in the east coast near the city Hamnung...[...] "Intelligence authorities are analyzing what the missile firing patterns," said sources while adding each missile can reach a distance of 130 kilometers, on Tuesday (26/5/2009). Indications are that the launch rocket terendus by intelligence Korut. Previous Korut do have restrictions for vessels that traverse akan Yellow Sea. "Akan Korut appears to shoot the missile today (Tuesday) or tomorrow," he said. Several hours after the nuclear testing yesterday, already Korut shoot some surface to air missile from the area near the north coast with 130 km range. South Korea based on intelligence information, missile launched Korut equipped with technology made in China, Silkworm. (tons) (oz)

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