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Computer network workgroup, LAN and WAN

Merging computer and communications technology is one form of organization of computer systems. Nowadays, the concept of "central computer", in a room that contains a large computer, a place where users manage all the work, is a concept that is outdated. Single computer model that serves all computing tasks an organization has been replaced by a set of computers that many fragmentary but each other in performing its duties. System like this is called the Network Computer (Computer Network). What is a computer network and how can it help?..[...] Software can be defined as a set of a number of interconnected autonomous computers. Said the two establish a computer network when they can exchange information. Limiting the term autonomy here is to differentiate the system with master / slave. When a computer can make a computer or other active and inactive mengontrolnya, the computer the computer is not autonomous. A system with a control unit (control unit) and a number of other computers that are not a slave network; large computer with a remote printer and terminalpun is not a network. Benefits Network In general, the network has several benefits compared with the more stand-alone computer and business world have also recognized that access to modern information technology always has a competitive advantage compared to competitors who are limited in the field of technology. Allows network management more efficient. For example, many users can share a single printer with high quality, compared to a low quality printer in each work table. In addition, the network software licenses can be cheaper than stand-alone license to separate the same number of users. Help maintain the network so that information remains up-to-date. Centralized data storage system that is managed well mengaskses allows many users of data from various different locations, and restrict access to data while being processed. Network to help accelerate the process of sharing data (data sharing). Transfer data on the network is always faster than other means of sharing data that is not the network. Network-enable groups working to communicate more efficiently. Mail and electronic delivery of the message is the substance of most of the network system, in addition to system scheduling, monitoring projects, conferences and online groupware, which helps all team work more productive. Based on the classification scale:

  1. Personal Area Network (PAN)
  2. Campus Area Network (CAN)
  3. Local Area Network (LAN)
  4. Metropolitant Area Network (MAN)
  5. Wide Area Network (WAN)
  6. Global Area Network (Gan)
Network to help in serving their clients more effectively. Far-distance access to the data center allows employees to serve clients in the field and the client can directly communicate with the supplier. There are three types of public network that is used, among others:
  • Network workgroup,
  • Network Lan, and
  • Wan Network
Network workgroup
This network consists of several units of the computer that is connected using the Network Interface Card or known as the Local Area Network Card, and use the cable with BNC and UTP. All units connected to the computer that can access data from other units of the computer and can also print a document on a printer connected to the other computer units. Benefits Network workgroup.
  1. • Exchange of files can be done easily (File Sharing).
  2. • The printer can be done by all units of the computer (printer sharing).
  3. • Access data from / to the computer unit can be in the limit to the level of securities on the password provided.
  1. • Communication between employees can be done using the E-Mail & Chat.
  2. • When one unit of a computer connected to the modem, then all or some units of the computer on the network can access the Internet or network to send a fax through the modem 1. Network LAN LAN (Local Area Network) is a collection of computers, where there are several units of the computer (client) and 1 unit of computer data for the bank (server). Between each client and between client and server can exchange files and each other using a printer connected to the computer unit that is connected to the LAN network. Based on the cable used, there are two ways to create a LAN network, the cable with BNC and UTP cable. Benefits of Network LAN.
    1. • Exchange of files can be done easily (File Sharing).
    2. • The printer can be done by all the client (Printer Sharing).
    3. • The files of data can be stored on the server, so data can be accessed from any client securities according to the authorization of all employees, which can be made based on the company's organizational structure so that data security guaranteed.
    1. • File data out / go to / from the server can be in control.
    2. • The backup data will become easier and faster.
    3. • Risk of data loss by a computer virus is very very small.
    4. • Communication between employees can be done using the E-Mail & Chat.
    5. • When a client / server connected to the modem, then all or
    some computer on the network LAN can access the Internet or network to send a fax through the modem 1. WAN Network WAN (Wide Area Network) is the set of LAN and / or workgroup that is connected with the modem means of communication and Internet network, to / from the central office and branch offices, and between branch offices. With this network system, the exchange of data between offices can be done quickly and with a relatively low cost. This network system can use the Internet network that already exists, for connecting between the head office and branch offices or with Stand Alone PC / Notebook that is located in another city or country. Benefits of WAN Network. • Server office can function as a data bank of the branch office. • Communication between the office can use the E-Mail & Chat. • Document / file is usually sent via fax or postal packet, can be sent via E-mail and transfer files to / from the central office and branch offices with a relatively low cost and within a very fast. • Pooling and Data Updating Data between offices can be made every day on time.

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