Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tips & Tricks Avoid Phishing on Facebook

Later santer be if Facebook attacked by middle peretas, using phishing system. Malicious code spread through the social networking site is, in fact 10 times more effective menginfeksi, compared with the distribution of malware via email. Action phishing is very concerned about this, Section of phishing designed by criminals to steal virtual world identity of a person, gather personal data, and used to deceive and get the victims money. Moreover, the number of Facebook users who reach millions of people...[...] Therefore, one of the anti-virus company Kaspersky, reveal tips and tricks so that Facebook users, it is not easy to get stuck out of action phishing. 1. For sites such as Facebook, create a bookmark to the login page, or typing the URL directly in the browser address bar. 2. Do not click the link in the email message. 3. Only typing confidential data on the website is secure. 4. Check your bank accounts regularly and report anything suspicious to your bank. 5. Search giveaway signs of phishing email: * If it is not directed to you personally. * If you are not the only recipients. * If there are spelling errors, grammar or bad syntax or stiffness in the use of other languages. 6. Installing security software for the Internet and keep updating anti-virus. 7. Install the security patch. 8. Alert to email and instant messages that are not requested. 9. Be careful when the login request Administrator rights. 10. Back up your data. (srn)(oz)

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