Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Japanese astronauts fraudulent Take 'Flying Carpet' on iss

TOKYO - Aladin Not only can use the flying carpet, the story is a tale can now be translated by astronauts Japan, Koichi Wakata. In fact, Wakata flying carpet can be used in space. Wakata perform a variety of simple experiments in space, such as fold clothes and using eyedrops. Of course, if activities are easily done on earth. However, with the condition of space that is not bergravitasi, activities that become challenges for Wakata to do so...[...] Telegraph, Wednesday (20/5/2009) spread, in addition to fold clothes and use the eyedrops, Wakata try standing on the top sheet of cloth before the cloth is tergulung into the aircraft cabin space owned by International Space Station (iss). This experiment are published in the form of a video posted by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Jaxa). "Finally I can feel the magic carpet to fly with. This may be by using adhesive tape so that my foot can stand upright on the carpet," said the astronauts aged 45 years. Experiment conducted Wakata this one of the challenges given by the people of Japan. The idea came from the challenges school students to the elderly. Agent space flight has selected the best 16 ideas to be a challenge for the astronauts to be done in a place that is not bergravitasi. Wakata perform this experiment in the lab testing space flight Japan, on March 15 on the iss back. According to the plan in April this Wakata akan perform other challenges, including the push-up in space. (srn) (oz)

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