Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ferrari mclaren Use & KERS

MONACO - Two giant Formula One team Ferrari and mclaren start cock KERS system. Both teams will be reported using this system KERS in session this weekend in the Monaco GP. Ferrari mclaren plan and this is not followed by Renault and BMW Sauber. The two teams that initially opposed the use of technology kinetik the rest of the car is braking. However, Renault and BMW apparently interested enough cock KERS...[...] "I'll see the simulations in Monaco. What car will be quick to use KERS," said Executive Director Pat Symonds Renault engines, last week. Mclaren Mercedes have been used as the fastest on the use of four races on the KERS system in 2009. Heikki Kovalainen said that the use of that system can dimaksimalkan Monaco. "Questions that arise is whether the car we can grow faster than normal? KERS will give you a profit. But anything can happen in Monte Carlo," beber The Finn, like dilansir F1live, Wednesday (20/5/2009). While the media mentioned in the document, like-profit use Ferrari KERS will be more felt, as compared with the characters following the circuit. "But the design for the use of F60 has been designed following the KERS weight distribution and a car engine. It is logical to see the car run, is not a problem with the least risk benefits," said team this Italian manufacturer of origin. (zwr) (oz)

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