Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gibernau Success Go Operation

Barcelona - Rider after Gibernau Onde 2000, a successful operation to cure the injury dialaminya last week. Gibernau will miss at Mugello, but he will be back at the MotoGP kandangnya in Catalunya Montmelo circuit. Gibernau had increased after the operation table, on Tuesday (19/5/2009), the ClĂ­nica Dexeus, Barcelona. Operation is conducted as a continuation of injury on a broken clavicle. Dideritanya injury is the usual practice session at Le Mans, last week. ..[...] Directly in the operation by the doctor Xavier Mir and Ignacio Ginebreda. In the clavicle after plate forced the plant to speed healing. Gibernau will remain in hospital for 24 hours ahead, and make further treatment at home. Gibernau medical team explained, veteran of Spanish origin this takes about four weeks to return bsia practice. This means that this rider 36 years absent in the Gran Premio d'Italia Alice in the upcoming May 31. After a new race will appear on in Barcelona on 14 June 2009. Meanwhile, team manager Grupo Francisco Hernando, who has not been set for Gibernau at Mugello series later. Decision will be taken in the upcoming few days. (zwr) (oz)

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